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Shawn LaRe's favorite books:

  • Learn Tools for Emotional Wellness and Get the Help You Deserve by Rheeda Walker

  • The Unapologetic Guide to Black Mental Health: Navigate an Unequal System

  • The Empath's Self-Care Journal: 52 Weeks of Prompts, Practices, & Positive Affirmations by Mishka Kimball

  • Mental Health - Mental Peace: A Practical Guide to Reducing Stress, Relieving Anxiety, Decluttering the Mind, and Being Happy (Mental Health Mastery) byTammy Gallagher FNLP


Favorite podcasts:

  • Therapy for Black Girls, Dr. Joy Harden Bradford

  • In the Light, Dr. Anita Phillips

  • Speaking of Psychology. Gloria Mark, PhD


Favorite films:

  • A Star is Born (both 1976 and 2018 versions)

  • 500 Days of Summer

  • Adolescence: Basketball Diaries

  • Being Charlie

  • The Anonymous People


Favorite apps:

  • Sanvello for Anxiety & Depression, a mindfulness app

CoCo's favorite book:

  • The Body Keeps Score


Favorite podcasts:

  • 7 Good Minutes (Mindfulness)

  • Affirmations for Black Girls

  • Daring Greatly: Brene Brown


Favorite documentary:

  • Stutz by Jonah Hill

T'Anna's favorite book:

  • Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome, Dr. Joy DeGruy

Renata's favorite podcast:

  • The Happiness Lab Podcast with Dr. Laurie Santos

Kellye's favorite books:

  • Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers

  • Brainstorm: the power and purpose of the teenage brain

  • Power resistance and liberation in therapy with survivors of trauma: to have our hearts broken

  • Attached: the new science of adult attachment, and how I can help you find and keep love

  • The body keeps score: brain mind and body in the healing of trauma

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