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Couples & Relationships

Couples may come into counseling for a plethora of reasons, but in our experience, most just want to leave with a better understanding of their partner. What we have learned is that when each member in the relationship puts in the work, both will leave with a better understanding of themselves. In couples and relational counseling, one of the main objectives is to create a safe space for pure open communication. Many times couples are in turmoil due to bad communication habits. As we work together to learn the dynamics of the relationship, we begin to see the areas which will benefit from change and how we can open the lines of communication again.

Part of the work includes developing skills to problem solve within the relationship, fight fairly, resolve conflict with dignity, forgive and move forward, identify relationship patterns that may have been repeated by one or both parties and continues to hinder growth and healing in the relationship. In most cases, the issues that often bring a couple into therapy are an indicator of deeper problems brewing underneath the surface of the relationship. We will work to dig deeper and unearth the core issues at the root of the dysfunction. Relational work offers a bonus… most couples find, following couples therapy, that they experience positive results in other relationships in life; such as with co-workers, parents, in-laws, siblings, and friends.

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